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The Scenic Marketeer - Marcus Yearout - ScenicWA

Marcus Yearout is President/CEO of VGP Destination Marketing, publisher of Washington State Scenic Byways & Road Trips, the companion Scenic Byways Road Map and website, an online resource to Washington's rural destinations. He has 30+ years experience in destination marketing for small rural communities in Washington State.

Our "Scenic Marketeer" series will feature articles by tourism and marketing professionals on a variety of relevant topics.

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Local Insiders - The Local Insiders

When you land in a new town, if you want to find out the best place to eat breakfast, the best fishing hole, basically the best thing to do of any sort, you ask a local. The waitress at the diner, the guy on the next barstool, the barista that pulled your espresso, or the cashier at the grocery store will invariably give you more unfiltered information than you could ever hope to get at any visitor center. Our team of local insiders will give you the honest scoop.

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History Insider - Erich Ebel

I've spent nearly my entire life in Washington State, living in Spokane, Colville, Bothell, University Place, then Spokane again, Pullman, back to Spokane again, then Lakewood, and now Lacey. Where in Washington I'll end up next is anyone's guess but one thing is certain…each community, town and city in our great state has its own unique and wonderful story to tell. And I'm on a mission to discover and share every one.

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Backcountry Insider - Craig Romano

From Cape Flattery to Puffer Butte, I leave no trail in Washington unhiked.  I love to run and hike. I'm a transplanted New Englander that loves old and quaint (think Coupeville and Dayton); and I love history (got my degree in it). I’ve written a few books (okay-a dozen!); and I spend as much time as possible exploring Washington's back roads and backcountry, when not at home in Skagit County with my wife and two cats.

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Shutter Stops - Richard Duval

My world revolves around three critical P's—photography, piano, and pizza. Culled from my frequent travels, my wine, scenic and landscape images are found on note cards, galleries, calendars and bookstores and as quality stock photography. I'm in endless pursuit of perfecting the art of Neapolitan pizza making. Between photo sessions and pizza tossing, my main love is the piano. I live near Mill Creek, WA with Leslee and Brunello, the wine dog.


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Intrepid Insider - Nate Watters

From snowshoeing to snowboarding, fishing holes to hiking trails – I’m always looking for a new place to be.  I’m a photographer by trade and there aren’t many places I won’t take a camera, so expect to see plenty of photos of my adventures from across the state.  Water, snow, or dirt – if it’s there, I’m there.  Hope to see you out and about!

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Backroads Insider - Marcus Yearout

For the past 45-plus years, I have made a journey inside nearly every journey. I look for the faded gray or even dotted lines on every map, avoiding the bold red lines whenever possible. Taking the “old” road through historic, stuck-in-time downtowns that the interstates bypassed is infinitely more interesting. ?Join me won't you?

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Oby - Explorer in Residence - Oby Scout

While I’m no stranger to a roll in extremely smelly piles of goo, I prefer places that make me wonder why. Observatories make me realize how little we know; great works of art, architecture and music make me realize how much we have to offer. Sarte once said, "Everything has been figured out, except how to live." Join my journey of exploration so we can figure that out together.

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Wine & Food Insider - Adrianne Young & Erik Cannella

Chefs Erik Cannella and Adrianne Young weave food, wine and writing into their everyday. When not working their farm, they’re serving dinner at their wine country restaurant, Café Manson. They live to find inspiring eateries, wineries and markets.

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Family Travel Insider - Jennifer Coleman

I like road trips, as long as I'm driving. I've been known to plan our family vacations with a map & mileage chart. We camp in a tent (oh, the humanity!) and seek adventure in the great Pacific Northwest.  My boys have uttered the fateful words 'are we there yet?!' on many a trip. Oh, and the dog comes too...

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Golf Travel Insider - Golf Insiders

Golf in Washington is a varied and wonderful experience and with the US Open happening at Chambers Bay in 2015, the spotlight is definitely shining brightly on our region. If you are interested in golf in desert valleys or misty alpine settings; on links courses, tree-lined fairways, or through an apple orchard with an island green, Washington has more than their fair share of opportunities.

Join the conversation.

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