2012 Masters - WOW!

by Golf Travel Insider on 04/09/2012 - 01:00 pm

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OK. So I didn't want to watch the final day of the Masters without company. As a pre-eminent scholar of the golf swing, a pretty good chaser of Canadian Geese—not be be confused with a chaser of Grey Goose—and a predisposition to root for anybody named Bubba, I could not think of a better companion than Oby to join me. He suspiciously and grudgingly accepted my last minute invitation and ran right over.


With near unimaginable anticipation, we shared a couple of packets of string cheese and hunkered down for a day in the dark TV room, shut off from the most of the distractions of the outside world. Although, as you can see from this photo, at least one squirrel ran across the back fence during the round and stole Oby's attention, if only for a moment.


This was perhaps one of the best days of watching golf either of us could recall. From the albatross on the second hole to what will forever after be referred to as "The Shot" to seal the deal for Bubba, it was a great day of competition and entertainment.


Next week, I'll resume my own pursuit of golf mediocrity. After hearing that Bubba never took a lesson, I'm a bit depressed. Hopefully I can unlearn some of the keys to the game I've picked up in lessons, locker rooms, reading Penick's Little Red Book and listening to the soothing tapes by Dr. Bob Rotella and just start having fun again. I get that golf is not a game of perfect, but why does it have to be so darned imperfect so much of the time... well at least when I'm holding onto the club! Oh well, to quote our new Masters champion, "If I've got a swing, I've got a shot." That can even be said about me—although the outcome is significantly less predictable.