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The town of Okanogan Washington has a population of approximately 2,480. This historic town is the county seat of Okanogan County and the gateway to north central Washington State, and southern British Columbia. Many historic buildings remain including the Courthouse, built in 1915, and the Methodist Church, built in 1921.

The Okanogan area offers wide open spaces teaming with wildlife, fantastic scenery and warm charm. It features a diverse blend of snow covered peaks and rolling hills.

There's also lots of history here. Look for the unique murals that grace many buildings in the downtown core. In 1903, Frank Matsura, a Japanese immigrant, arrived in the area as a cook’s helper. He became a beloved member of the community and world-renowned photographer, recording the frontier era and Native American heritage. Besides the murals depicting his work, the Okanogan County Historical Society houses many of Matsura’s photographs and a replica of his studio.


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