Shi Shi Beach

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Shi Shi Beach is located west of Neah Bay. Shi Shi (pronounced shy-shy) was named "best nature beach" by the Travel Channel. It's a day trip you'll remember. Shi Shi is an unspoiled beach and is reached by driving 66 miles from Port Angeles, through ClallamBay-Sekiu and on through Neah Bay, then followed by a 3.3-mile hike. The trip is well worth the time and one can enjoy the scenic beauty of Hwy 112.

Shi Shi became part of Olympic National Park in 1976. The Makah Tribe, whose reservation borders Shi Shi to the Ozette River beaches, is rebuilding the Shi Shi Beach Trail for easier access. The stunning seastacks, caves and arches, as well as the fascinating miniature life in numerous tidepools, make it well worth the visit. Located on the south end of Shi Shi Beach, Point of Arches is probably the most stunning set of sea stacks you'll ever see, with bold arches, intriguing tunnels and amazing tide pools.


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