Captain William Clark Park

On March 31, 1806, after learning from native tribes that food was scarce to the east, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ordered the Corps of Discovery to remain at “Provision Camp,” a location that is today known as Cottonwood Beach in Washougal, Washington.

The Corps stayed at Provision Camp for six days, the longest period of time the expedition spent at any location in Clark County. Finally, satisfied that they had enough dried meat to last them the trip through the Columbia River Gorge, the Corps loaded their canoes and set off once again up the Columbia River towards Nez Perce territory on Sunday, April 6. 

Today, this day-use-only park is comprised of 93 acres of forested land located along the river. It’s open from 7am to dusk daily, and features fishing, accessible multiuse trails, historic interpretive exhibits, and restrooms.

Photo via Clark County Public Works 


Phone: (360) 397-2285

Address: S Index St at S 32nd St, Washougal, WA 98671