Goldendale Observatory

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Goldendale Observatory State Park is open year-round and provides uniquely informative and entertaining space/science experiences for visitors young and old.

????Every afternoon, visitors are treated to an insightful lecture on the surface features and inner workings of our local star, the Sun. This one to two hour long show includes some of the highest resolution and contrast live views of the Sun you will see at any public observatory or science center in the world. By the end, you will understand the stars!

The "main event" that put Goldendale Observatory on the map:  For one to three hours, visitors have their astronomy questions answered by expert staff while touring the stars outdoors and viewing space objects through the eyepiece of one of the world's largest public telescopes.  

Bring some curiosity... and a jacket!


Phone: (509) 773-3141

Address: 1602 Observatory Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620