Meadowbrook Farm Preserve

  • Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center
  • Meadowbrook Farm Meadow
  • Meadowbrook Farm Columbine
  • Meadowbrook Farm Elk
  • Meadowbrook Farm Picnic Area

This scenic open space on the Snoqualmie Valley Floor is an important story location to the Snoqualmie Tribal people. Historically, the Snoqualmie Tribal people maintained the prairie through traditional methods. 

Today, Meadowbrook is managed for historic and cultural interpretation, wildlife habitat, agriculture, and public recreation by multiple municipalities.

Learn more about the cultural, historical, agricultural, and natural resource significance on a three mile Walk at Meadowbrook Farm.


Phone: (425) 831-1900

Address: 1711 Boalch Ave NW, North Bend, WA 98045