Sol Duc Falls

An iconic landmark, Sol Duc Falls is Olympic National Park’s most famous and photographed waterfall. The falls tumble about 40 feet into a tight rocky slot, but what really makes them stand out among the many cascades of Northwest is their unique shape. The Sol Duc River abruptly flows at a right angle careening into (depending on water flow) three or four chutes into the gorge.

Follow a wide and well-trodden trail through lush bottomlands and groves of impressive towering ancient trees to a restored Civilian Conservation Corps–built shelter. Then head right toward the thundering sound of swiftly moving water. Cross a mist-sprayed bridge and admire the fanning Sol Duc falls crashing into a narrow chasm where the sun rarely shines. Across the bridge find a viewpoint for an even closer look at the falls. Watch for dippers hunting for insects in the splash zone.